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a match made in barbeque heaven

Introducing Holy Grail's latest partnership with World BBQ Champion and Lillie's Q Founder, Chef Charlie McKenna. Made from all-natural ingredients, Lillie's Q rubs and sauces are not only award-winning but are authentically crafted and true to tradition to bring the bold flavors from various Southern regions to life. Chef Charlie McKenna hand-picked the perfect pairings from our portfolio and his range of sauces and rubs to curate these must-have gourmet flights.

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A5 Strip, burgers, Lillie's Q seasonings
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Brisket, dino ribs, strip steak, Lillie's Q seasoning, and bbq sauce
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Lillie's Q Carolina BBQ & Pork Flight
Charlie McKenna

about chef charlie mcKennA

Chef Charlie McKenna opened the doors of Lillie’s Q restaurant in July 2010 to honor his grandmother, Lillie, who taught him the art of Southern cooking. As Charlie traveled the BBQ competition circuit, from Memphis to Alabama and through the Carolinas, he created a Lillie’s Q sauce unique to each region, and along the way, won the World BBQ Championship twice. Lillie’s Q lineup of sauces, rubs and kettle chips bring people to the table to experience authentically crafted Southern barbeque flavor, true to their regions and traditions.

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